Espinos y Cardos Los Espinos Merlot 2015

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Espinos y Cardos Los Espinos Merlot 2015

This easy-drinking wine comes from Chile’s renowned Valle Central Region, where long hot days are followed by cool nights. This temperature difference ensures the grapes ripen slowly, so they develop maximum flavour. This is simply outstanding wine for the money, soft super-juicy ripe plummy fruit and a long full-flavoured finish.

A lovely drink on its own or enjoy with pasta or barbequed meats.


3000 miles long and barely 6 grape varieties wide, Chile continues to present amazing value for money due to relatively low land and labour costs and a weak currency. Chile’s wine culture is firmly French in origin (as are its grape varieties), established long ago by émigré French vignerons seeking new vineyard land beyond Europe. Carmenere is the signature red – chunky and savoury in a Claret style, though Pinots are increasingly good, and very well priced. For whites, Sauvignon Blanc is increasingly good; they seem to be setting on a nice lean fresh, nettle-and-lemon style, quite different from NZ’s pungent beasts, and well-priced.

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Espinos y Cardos


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