Greenhough Wines Hope Vineyard Pinot Blanc 2014

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Greenhough Wines Hope Vineyard Pinot Blanc 2014

“Greenhough is just a handful of wineries working with the variety and makes an attractive example that’s rich and creamy textured with notes of apple, white fruits, spice and nut and finishes with a fresh zing of citrus.” – Jo Burzynska, Viva
A few rows of own-rooted vines from the 1976 foundation plantings are the inspiration for this wine. We manage it as we do its cousin, Pinot Noir, removing third bunches and shoulders to reduce yields and promote evenly ripened fruit. Low yields are essential to concentration and palate weight.  Hand harvest allows exclusion of damaged or unhealthy bunches and wider options for handling in the winery.  Fruit is whole bunch pressed and the juice briefly settled to remove the heaviest solids before racking to seasoned 500 litre French oak puncheons for wild fermentation. The wine is matured on yeast lees for an extend period (16-18 months) with occasional stirring  during this period. The 2014 vintage underwent partial malolactic fermentation to further soften acidity. It also included 27% Pinot Gris and hence the labelling as Pinots Blanc. Blended in September 2014, un-fined, filtered and bottled in December.

As the wine opens, aromas are strikingly perfumed with an exotic quality. Ripe fresh pears, baked apple, guava,  and star anise. There’s also a mealy richness from extended time on yeast lees. The palate begins with fleshy stone fruits, appealingly soft and sweet-edged and enhancing a rounded mouthfeel.  This progresses to more subdued fruit characters integrated with subtle nutty, spicy layers and flinty minerals related to extended time in barrel. There is an expansive vibrancy towards the end with liquorice/aniseed spice and gentle phenolic interest which draws the palate out. This is a powerful wine with an intriguing interplay between the soft opulence of ripe fruits and a pervasive mineral clarity and mantle of velvety phenolics.

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