A Wine Friendly Wine Club

by / Monday, 15 June 2015 / Published in Uncategorized

Come and join the Fat Grape Wine Club. We hand pick all the wines for their intrinsic quality. Any wine that comes to your door is a wine that we are happy to drink ourselves. We also tailor the club to suit your tastes and budget. You let us know how much you want to spend, how often you want to receive a case and what styles of wine suit you, eg more buy red wine in winter or if you are having a dinner party let us pick your wines and we can help with the menu! We  could give you a sparkling to kick off the evening, a beautiful white and a rich red for your starter and main and a lovely sweetie for desert or cheese.

We can also structure your case so you have some easy drinking wines, occasion wines and 1 or 2 to lay down, we have some great value wines which punch well above their weight, no fuss no mission just enjoyment.

You can choose to change your selections whenever you want to, reds in the winter whites in the summer.

We have a fantastic range of organic wines and low sulfur wines, the Perlage are our organic Italian wines a great Pinot Grigio and a savory Sangiovese. The Prosecco’s from Perlage are also organic. Our Supernatural Sauvignon Blanc is as sulfur free as you get in a modern wine. it is fantastic and goes very well with food and movies!

We have just got our south african wines & Lucien Le Moine wnes in. They are expensive but absolutely worth every cent , they will reward careful cellaring and have proven to be good investment. If you are interested in these wines contact me @ jason@ and I will be happy to guide you through the wines and advise which should be purchased.

Think about it and join us on a great wine adventure!